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The Forest Embassy is the home for grass roots campaigns to save Australian forests

Breaking news:  The National Forest Uprising major event and the government’s response.

The National Forest Uprising Major Event Canberra 13th February 2019

Hundreds of people converged on Parliament House Canberra to call for an end to native forest logging by 2020. The Forest Embassy’s major event was supported by satellite events in other regions throughout the country on the same day. The National Forest Uprising continues until the federal election. Visit the calendar for more events across the nation.

The Lone Band at Parliament House for the National Forest Uprising

Many Australians feel powerless and angry at what has become of our natural environment, yet unable to articulate their concerns.  The Lone Drummer often feels that way too, so he has grabbed a few of his rock legend mates to form The Lone Band to do what they do best – hitting the airwaves with new sounds that get the message out that the people want change. The Lone Band joined the National Forest Uprising major event in Canberra in February and debuted their single Bad News on ABC Radio Sydney.


Performers: The Lone Band – Legends of Australian Rock


Senator Janet Rice

Prof Don White, Chair of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Peter Robertson, National Forest Campaigner for the Wilderness Society




Eden Wood Chip Mill Forest Embassy National Forest Uprising
Eden Wood Chip Mill Forest Embassy National Forest Uprising

Did you know that the South East Forests of Australia are now considered to be Japan’s solution to renewable energy? How could that be? Because trees are alive and can be regrown, governments all over the world try to avoid their responsibilities for carbon emissions by claiming that burning trees for electricity generation is carbon neutral. Hard to believe, isn’t it. In a recent statement, Morrison Government minister Tony Pasin MP stated “Japan’s appetite for our Aussie woodchips and manufactured bio-pellets has driven the country’s move into bio-energy. Australia exported more than 2.5 million tonnes of woodchips to Japan in the 12 months to September, worth about AUD $492 million. Much of this was product of the South East,” READ THE FULL ARTICLE in TIMBERBIZ – the Journal of the Australian Timber Industry.

The photograph above shows wood chips piled the docks at Eden, ready to export for such purposes. Is this what YOU want for your country’s forests? Please contact your local candidates TODAY and ask for their position on this vitally important issue. This situation MUST be turned around at the coming election, otherwise Australian forests will be locked in to supply agreements for overseas markets, leaving very little timber standing, despite the environmentally sensitive certification schemes which hide the truth of the Australian logging practices.

National Forest Uprising

If you are unhappy about this please join the #NationalForestUprising – click through to a national calendar of events calling for an end to native forest logging.


Click through to Facebook event page
Click through to Facebook event page

The National Forest Uprising Calendar

The Forest Embassy invites you to join us in a series of rolling national forest campaigns and events that unite the voices of all Australians calling for reform of industrial logging practices.

Our governments have locked Australian forests into another 20 years of Regional Forest Agreements and the IFOAs, with barely any consultation. The people have had enough.

Visit the National Forest Uprising Calendar to find events near you or contact us today to list your event. We have everything from national rallies to strikes, film nights, forest walks and art exhibitions.

Our Major Event is the Forest Embassy National Forest Uprising Canberra Rally on Wednesday 13th February 12 midday on the lawns of Parliament House, Canberra. READ MORE

We would like to hear from you about your events so please get together, make your plans and get in touch. You can search for events – eg, “NSW”. If you have any questions about the calendar please contact usClick here for more information about the Natiional Forest Uprising.


Spotted Quoll makes International Headlines

Don't Log The Corn Trail The Forest EmbassyWithout the work of Australians standing up to protect native forests, there would be no quolls in Monga National Park, because there would BE no national park, and it would all be LOGGED – mostly for wood chip.

Please click through to the Natural History Museum’s site to VOTE for David Gallan’s superb Highly Commended photo “Home of the Quoll” in the Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.


The Forest Embassy Petition

Please share and sign the Forest Embassy petition.

Please contact us if you would like a PDF copy of the petition to distribute and return to The Forest Embassy after the signatures are collected.



What does the Forest Embassy do?

The Forest Embassy is a pop up save-your-forest space that helps people to campaign to save their local forest and connect with other Australian groups who’ve already chased loggers out of town.  The Forest Embassy can help you respond to forestry issues in your region by travelling to your region, or if we can’t be there in person, we can help you set up a public event. We can also help you initiate a local Forest Embassy campaign by providing Forest Embassy T Shirts and Banners for public gatherings, and sharing the knowledge we have learnt along the way from other campaigns. Get in touch and tell us your concerns for your local forest and let’s see if we can all help each other by sharing stories, experiences, and a grand passion for saving Australian trees and the creatures that need them – including us!

What we’re into:

  1. Organising and promoting national forest initiatives that aim to protect Australian forests
  2. Reading Threatened Species Licenses
  3. Talking to the media about the problems with logging
  4. Sharing information about mapping local forests
  5. Mentoring grass roots forest campaigners
  6. Taking to politicians about our concerns
  7. Talking to the EPA and other agencies about what’s happening in our forest
  8. Nature Mapping and Bioatlas mapping
  9. Scat and animal call identification
  10. Getting together on mass to stop native forest logging
  11. Petitions
  12. Rallies
  13. Whatever it takes!



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